About Us

Our Reason for Being –Wellness from nature is at the heart of Linear33. We have grown from experienced based company into trading house that imports food supplements striven from nature and products of well being. Our selection includes products based on homeopathy, aromatherapy and physiotherapy.

Our values reflect holistic wellness, not strict diets or merciless fitness programs. Personal wellness is both mental and physical, it is not how we look, but rather how we feel. But then again, if you feel great, you simply radiate. We strive to offer products that enhance personal energy, positive attitude and inspiring approach to wellness and life in general.

Us – After years in international corporate life, we have moved on to wellness industry. All together the network of professionals working with and for Linear33 have wide spectrum of skills and competencies for managing international company. Our in-house expertise include not only Sales & Marketing skills, but also Finance & Control expertise comparable to any acknowledged trading house. We also have sustainable experience on running a import/export business within another industry in EU.

Our Partners – When selecting partners we look into their scientific experience and trustworthiness in the industry, their values and overall quality of their products. All our products have appropriate qualifications and approvals from authorities. Product selection takes time and is based on empirical trials. We only resell products that are knows to enhance wellness as described and promised.

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